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Save money on local and VoIp phone providers, check for a better rate with the comparison tool below.

Local Telephone Service Providers

Phone Providers

Use the quick local phone provider look up tool to find the best providers in your area, compare phone and Internet bundles from the telephone and VoIP providers below. Available in most states, click on the image above or below and enter your address to see what is available in your area.

Local Phone Companies

Compare Local phone service from AT&T Qwest Verizon CenturyTel Embarq Frontier Sage and dPI.

 Phone Providers Requiring High Speed Internet Connection

Phonepower Internet Phone


Cheap Local Internet Phone Service by Phonepower -  residential internet phone service - local and long distance starting at only $9.99. Small business and PBX also offered!

Offering cheap local long distance phone and VoIP service plans to the following States.

Alabama   Alaska   Arizona   Arkansas   California   Colorado   Connecticut   Delaware   Florida   Georgia    Hawaii     Idaho  Illinois  Indiana      Iowa      Kansas      Kentucky      Louisiana      Maine      Maryland      Massachusetts   Michigan      Minnesota      Mississippi      Missouri      Montana      Nebraska      Nevada      New Hampshire      New Jersey      New Mexico      New York      North Carolina      North Dakota      Ohio      Oklahoma region      Pennsylvania      Puerto Rico      Rhode Island      South Carolina      South Dakota      Tennessee      Texas  U.S. Virgin Islands      Utah      Vermont      Virginia      Washington      Washington DC     West Virginia      Wisconsin      Wyoming


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