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Barbecue Recipes,Tips & Secrets

I have had the pleasure to know a few folks who have ran steak houses, Mexican restaurants and even a barbecue champion neighbor. So, next time your are in the back yard ruining your family's supper by grilling what one should be barbecuing or barbecuing what one should be grilling you can have the tips and secrets to make your friends and family envy the best BBQ in the family & neighbor hood.

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Definition of real barbecue : Cooking over indirect low heat with woods or charcoals for a long period of time, usually a way to cook a cheap cut of meat and make it taste good, "everything else over direct heat, charcoal, wood or gas is grilling".

Barbecue Pork Ribs

Award winning BBQ recipes from the best Barbecuers in the nation.


Pork Loin Oriental Barbeque


Texas Beef Fajitas




Other Tips, Secrets and Grilling

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Award wining steak house grilling secrets

Types of Marinades and Tenderizers for BBQ

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